A-listed in City Pages...sort of

I discovered online that my current show had been A-Listed in the City Pages so I ran out to get a copy and alas, it didn't make the hard copy apparently. Phooey.
Unless you're one of those damn heartstring-tuggers at DreamWorks, it's tough to turn a dirty chicken coop into something plaintive and sweet. But local artist Amy Rice does just that, taking pieces of her grandparents' Wisconsin dairy farm; rusty chicken wire, an old thermometer and shaping them into dreamy representations of her burnished memories. Employing stencils and found objects from around the farm, Rice's storybook paintings are fragile timepieces, as bright, playful, and heightened as the memories themselves. Rice admits that many of her images have a "girly" quality, but that's part of their allure. There's something being whispered by the turquoise teakettles, flowered skirts, baby birds, paper-doll dresses, and ice cream cones. It's sweet, without any of the irony that often comes with such nostalga. Molly Priesmeyer

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