The Girl's Room

I'm excited about being included in this show in NYC:

The Dreier Project presents The Girl's Room at Jen Beckman Gallery in New York.

"The Girl’s Room" is an art show featuring work done by an international group of female artists. Each artist submitted several small pieces, each which will be framed with an 8.5x11 frame. By keeping all the work at a consistent size, we can more clearly and objectively compare the respective works, without the the messages being obscured by irrelevancies such as size and prominence on the wall. The artwork itself will be the message and perhaps it will answer some questions about the place of women’s artwork in the artworld. Questions such as: What sort of work are women artists creating? How does it differ from men’s art? Are there particular subjects, methods and materials women artists are working with? What role does gender play in artwork? And regardless of any “political” agenda, sometimes its fun to get the girls together and see what’s on our minds.

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