Print Gocco Marathon

I couldn't stop.

The print I did today is based on the painting “Failure of the RSVP” that was one of pieces from the collaborative project I did with Jennifer Davis titled “Delightful”. We are doing “Delightful Too” At Young Blood Gallery in Atlanta this summer so maybe I’ll exhibit some of these there.

I printed some of them on pages of the 1897 book entitled “Little Journeys to the Home of Famous Women”. The book was in pieces so I didn’t feel bad printing on it. Jane Austin and Charlotte Bronte are just two of the famous women.

This is why my boyfriend rocks: He drove me to Wet Paint in St. Paul during a snow storm yesterday for more gocco screens and then today, with over a foot of snow on the ground he shoveled out the car and drove me to Paper Source for more paper. Plus he walked Ella and hasn’t complained about the GIGANTIC mess I’ve made of the dining room gocco-ing.


munieca said...

Oh Ami!! I see some of your work in other place, I don't remember where, but I love that you do. Your work is wonderful!!

Good to find you through the Chicken Art Group!

Love the Gocco prints too!!! I want a Gocco!!!

Sharlyn said...

Ami I have been admiring your "Prize Pear" over at ArtStar for days. I finally bought it today :). Love, love, love your work and I'm really loving what you're doing with the Gocco. Can't wait to see more.