Delightful Too

I have been working on a neat collaborative project with fellow Minneapolis artist Jennifer Davis for the past two years. Basically, we create work inspired by work from the other, taking and reusing themes and elements.

Our first exhibition of this series, “Delightful” was at Rosalux Gallery in Minneapolis in August of 2006. In July of this year, we will continue the visual dialogue in the exhibition, “Delightful Too” at Young Blood Gallery in Atlanta.

Both Rice and Davis use repeated iconography in their work, and in this particular show, they open up a visual exchange in response to each other’s work. As such, Delightful becomes a dual monologue that considers identical themes rather than collaborations. The results are agreeable, and the content favorably contributes to a fun collection of work.

- Christopher Koza, art editor Pulse of the Twin Cities

More Press from “Delightful” at: http://wwwdelightful.blogspot.com

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