a tiny update

I haven't posted in a while because I am in the process of moving. I am excited to post a bunch of new photos on my Flickr of my new place and new art I have managed to make in the evening after unpacking so check back soon. In the meantime here is a link to a project/article at mnartists.org I am involved with.
Plus, I am very excited to say that the Spectrum ArtWorks Show was A-listed in the City Pages.
Here's what they said:
According to Spectrum ArtWorks program manager (and local print artist) Amy Rice, one in four families in the United States is affected by mental illness. With a number so high, why is the stigma attached to individuals living with mental health issues still so great? Though mental illness may be a heavy label to wear, those who know people who struggle should understand that it is only one small part of many that make up a person. That is the premise behind "Living Beyond," a show featuring artists with mental health issues who transcend negativity and live full lives—showing at other galleries not focused on mental illness, working as advocates, and participating in the community as a whole. Many of the pieces featured explore the isolation of mental illness (exacerbated by society), including Christi Furnas's Fading, an image of a tired woman disappearing from the world she walks in, and Lynnda Jones's drawing of children playing on the fringes of a city. More hopeful images suggest eventual recovery, such as Brad Parson's A Bird in Hand—as water pours from a cupped hand, a swan emerges from a blooming flower.— Jessica Armbruster

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freebird said...

Love your paintings, especially the bunnies. I found your blog on yahoo when I was looking up Keido Yagishita. I saw her in Mary Engelbreit's Home Companion magazine. I enjoyed my visit here and looked through lots of your flickr pictures too. Great way to spend some time on a Saturday.