It's a Closed System/ I Would Know You Anywhere

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Spray Paint, Acrylic, Gocco Prints on Antique Journal Pages, Antique Envelope, Antique Maps, Paper, Paper Lace, Ink, Gouache
20" x 16"

I spent a week in a rented cabin on a lake in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan with my sweetheart Matt and my precious old lady dog Ella. The cabin is very near where I found Ella 15 years ago this summer and so the trip was a special one for us. Much of the art I brought with me to work on is about this beautiful and bittersweet stage we are passing through together. It is about aging and loss and finding each other over and over.

I put a bazillion more photos of our vacation here.

These pieces will be included in my solo show at View Art Gallery in Victoria, BC October 2010


My Owl Barn said...

This is incredible! You are so talented.

kari said...

So this piece is for a show in October? Not the one at Swan Gallery? I'd like to find out how to buy it.