Exciting News: I wrote a Book! Playing with Stencils

Playing with Stencils, originally uploaded by Amy Rice.
Playing with Stencils is a how-to book that aims to teach the reader a new art-making technique. Unlike other stencil books that furnish already made templates and a single idea of what to stencil it on, this book encourages the readers to create their own stencils by teaching. Simple instructions for how-to create a stencil combined with ambitious projects for inspiration makes this book unique. You can pre-order your copy now, it will be in stores in May.


martha brown said...

I can wait to get your book in my hands! Congratulations!
Today I am curled up in bed, drinking tea, and reading.... Right below your fabulous " Sailing with Walt and Paul ". It makes me happy every day. Thanks for that :)

kristin said...

Oh that IS exciting news!! Congratulations Amy!! It is sure to be a good one.