A Series for a Lifetime: #1 Goldenrod

#1 Goldenrod: solibago ribbelli
Hand Pulled Relief Print on Linen with Gouache and Floss
16" x 20"

Last month, after two years of focused nose-to-the-grindstone working and saving, my sweetheart and I purchased 23 acres of heaven near Mora, Minnesota. 

We have so many good ideas, so much ambition and excitement. There is so much work to do but most of it can't start until spring so until then we get to dream and scheme.

I declared for myself the ambitious (and most likely lifetime goal) of identifying and documenting in art every species of plant on our property. I bought a couple big fat reference books of Minnesota plants and have begun identifying.

Goldenrod was first because there was just so much of it and it seemed as good as any place to start. I have found out since that my Grandpa Ed had a fondness for Goldenrod...it may be just a coincidence but it still makes me feel like I am on the right track.

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Margaret McDonald said...

Congratulations on your purchase and fulfilling a dream.
Those plants should keep you busy.